Poly Table

Title:Poly Table
Dimensions:H 45 cm x W 38 cm x D 35 cm
Place of Origin:Copenhagen
Production Lead Time:8 weeks

Poly is the name of this delicate polychrome composition where the color scheme derives from Birgitte’s refined selection of colors. Without deserting her well known subtle minimalist form.
The haze within the material gives the piece a certain poetic appearance where light and shadow continuously changes our perception of the line work and contours of the table. It’s almost like a jewel that changes with warmth, softens with light and impresses by delicacy.
The lines and angles in Poly table serves purposes of both strength as well as the aesthetics of the composition. It is the first edition in a series of scalable furniture made in multicolored resin and stone. Polychromy has been known since Antiquity where sculptors and architects used a variety of colors to bring life into their art works and resemble the worlds around them. The realiation of letting a world of colors defining shapes and angles is a fine supplement to Birgitte’s additional monochrome oeuvre.