Studio life documented by photographer Rikke Westesen

Regardless of fleeting trends Birgittes visual universe is white. It is predominantly about form and tactility and refers to a classic, universal design language across time and trends. Her workshop is reminiscent of that of a sculptor’s studio with a large number of both finished and fragmental sketches such as pieces of abstract form, curves, circles, spheres, extruded lines, convex and concave cubes, solid sections, cylinders, parallel pipes, prisms and various other geometric forms that fill the shelves and walls in both studio and workshop.

Everything has its place, and everything relates to each other. This is an expression of a fundamental fascination of the enrichment communities can be if one is willing to contribute to them and expand them. Preparation practice, and repetition are the basic principles success and the values that characterise her life in general. Birgitte’s practice is both a studio, a workshop, and a gallery in one, which is an ideal context for her.

In addition to Birgitte’s three-dimensional work, light has come to mean a lot to her in her practice. This applies to both the commercial designs, but also in her artistic work. Therefore, many works are illuminated in the studio as well. That you can study or observe the material as both active and passive, on and off, adds 50% more possibilities in the perception of both the material and the expression. Birgitte lives in a country that is dark more than half the year. Light is crucial to her and is the function she keeps returning to. Light and water are the most essential elements for us humans, in addition to being loved of course.