Birgitte Due Madsen is an artist and designer based in Copenhagen. Her work includes furniture, product design, ceramics and sculpture.
Stepping into her studio, a virtuosity and devotion for sculpture is immediately felt. Tactile surfaces, polished to a smooth velvety finish, absorb and diffus light while geometric forms cast contrasting deep shadows around the space.
An interplay between form, light and material is demonstrated in the sculptures, which Birgitte manually works her way into, rather than the more common use of a mold, meticulously refining and perfecting the process in order to achieve the desired visual and material outcome.
The monolithic property of gypsum, a material that has become signature to her work, is pure and bare, revealing every methodical line, curve and extraction.
In addition to her sculptural work, Birgitte has developed several industrial products in collaboration with distinct manufacturers, as well as one of handmade furniture and design objects in gypsum, plaster, concrete and resin to name a few. A classic color scheme, tactile textures and geometric lines and shapes characterize her products, as well as a firm adherence to high quality techniques with the intent of always mastering the material.