Neon Relief

Title:Neon Relief
Material:Gypsum, Argon, Neon, Glass, Acrylic, Cord, Converter
Dimensions:40 x 49 x 16 cm
Place of Origin:Copenhagen
Production Lead Time:4-6 weeks

Birgitte Due Madsen’s mastery lies in utilizing the qualities of gypsum, a light-absorbing material, and elegantly emphasizing curves while creating reflections across its surface. The interplay of light and shadow in this medium astonishes and draws the viewers in with its soft contours.

These pieces have a profound appreciation for the material and hold a long-learned craftsmanship that shows in the beauty embedded within the surfaces. The pursuit of perfection is at the core, with a commitment to present material- and craft quality. The neon light is mouth-blown by a local artisan in the craft, helping shape and color the unique glass tubes.

The relief is an exclusive series of minimalist gypsum wall-hung reliefs with free-floating neon lights. The relief’s cavities illuminate the surroundings in a harmonious blend of pistachio green, light violet, pristine white, and magenta.