Material:Gypsum, Stone
Location:Karakter Copenhagen
Production Lead Time:Made to order in gypsum - 4 weeks
Role:Designer, made in collaboration with Jonas Trampedach

Together Birgitte and Jonas have created many ceramic projects, both unique projects and industrial designs. They have often developed plaster models during the work process and experienced them at least as beautiful and subtle in their reflection and absorption of light and shadow as the end result in porcelain or faience. If not even more beautiful. This inspired them to create a series of unique plaster lamps that conveys their fascination with the refined, light-sensitive surface of the plaster.
The shaping of plaster leaves the designers with a great freedom within the creation of form. Due/ Trampedach wanted to examine the form qualities that arise in working with positive and negative space. They have taken a core of a plaster cast, casted around it and thus created a void. The core has instead become the cap, and as exterior it is now used as lighting core and informs the cavity. The consistency of the idiom creates a warm, intense and poetic experience of the light source. Each work will darken differently over time and be differently sensitive and fragile than if it were a series produced in ceramics, wood or other material – that is, as a sculpture of plaster as we know from the art world put into a modern light technological profile.
For Moby Lamp the duo won a silver medal of honor from the Danish Art and Crafts Movement of 1879 (where no gold medal is given) and has exhibited the lamp around the world since 2016. Now they are also having an interesting collaboration with newly established, very strong profiled Karakter Copenhagen, where a series of their handmade gypsum lamps MOBY LAMP amongst other designs are under development in more durable materials such as crystal plant and stone.