Material:Gypsum dyed in Indigo
Place of Origin:Copenhagen
Production Lead Time:4-6 weeks

The work consists of one-off handmade plaster stones each dyed for several days in indigo filled basins and framed by flattened messing profiles with soldered seams. The deep blue notes and subtle textures on the surface of the plaster emerges from the drying process where exposure to high warmth causes an almost holographic effect and depth. After the heating process the stone is oiled, polished, and waxed. This adds a reflective, tactile, almost three-dimensional surface. Birgitte uses a technique derived from the old Japanese textile tradition of shibori and apply it on the absorbent and porous surface of the plaster cast creating a new and highly material piece of abstract, monochrome jewelry perceived as a sealed holography or a medallion to hang on the wall.
Exhibited at several occasions.