Material:Solid Douglas Pine
Place of Origin:Copenhagen
Production Lead Time:6 - 8 weeks

The Lipizzaner collection is a handcrafted furniture series, made from solid Douglas pine. Each piece in the collection follows the same design, where the ends mirror each other, creating a distinct characteristic form that contributes to the overall graphic elegance of the collection.

This sculptural furniture collection embodies the combination of material exploration and an experimental design process.

Throughout the creation of this collection, there was a deliberate focus on understanding the unique properties of the material and exploring the possibilities that could be achieved through form and function. Careful consideration was given to the height and width of each piece to determine its specific purpose and utility. By blending the elements of design, these objects undergo transformations in character and usage. The Douglas pines alluring white and rose-colored veins, makes for intriguing and captivating motifs that enhance the visual appeal.

This diverse series of pieces include a bench, two stools that can also function as side tables, a podium, and a chair.
Each item beautifully showcases the inherent qualities and potential of solid Douglas pine wood, courtesy of Dinesen.