Neon Cast

Title:Neon Cast
Material:Gypsum, Neon Light
Dimensions:h39 x w24 x d10 cm - 22.800,00,- DKKR
h42 x w29 x d10 cm - 26.800,00,- DKKR
Production Lead Time:4-6 weeks

Gypsum is a exceptional material to absorb light, highlighting curves and depicting reflections in the surface. The material surprise and attract with soft surfaces and deep reflections of light and shadow. If you touch the objects, you will get a more sensible and sophisticated understanding of the craftsmanship behind as well as the beauty of the surface. High quality is a central value to beauty and skilled works. In the interaction with the beholder, Due Madsen masters materials to a level that invites to a following touch. The design is non-directional and each side can offer a whole new experience of the lights.

An exclusive series of minimalist gypsum blocks with two differently colored free-floating, round geometries with neon and argon gas in mouth-blown glass tubes. These are inserted in the center of a punched-out cavity lightening the room in colors of pistachio green, light violet, powder pink, pure neon red, white, argon blue and grass green.