Soft Marble

Title:Soft Marble
Material:Astro / Tencelfiber
Dimensions:2,7 x 3,5 meter
Location:Frederiksgade 1
Place of Origin:Stockholm
Production Lead Time:6-8 uger

During the 3daysofdesign event in 2023, All Matters Studio collaborated with Birgitte Due Madsen. They interpreted the material and pattern from BDM’s “Breton cubes” and created a hand-tufted carpet called “Soft Marble.”

Birgitte Due Madsen was involved in various projects and exhibitions at the 3daysofdesign design days in Copenhagen, which took place from June 7th to 9th, 2023. One of these projects is “Soft Marble,” a collaboration with Stockholm-based design studio All Matters Studio. It is a specially designed hand-tufted carpet with a strong graphic look inspired by the contrasting marble pieces in BDM’s current work, “Breton Cubes.” The original artwork was created in partnership with the Dutch company SolidNature and exhibited at Tableau earlier this year.

“Soft Marble” emerged from extensive discussions about aesthetics, beauty, material, and texture. The designers transformed the hard material of marble into a soft medium, allowing for experimentation with perspective and tuft heights to create a new dimension. The carpet was specially manufactured by the Swedish company Ogeborg in Portugal.

During 3daysofdesign, “Soft Marble” was showcased as part of All Matters Studio’s exhibition at Nuvole, located at Store Regnegade 2.

Photographer: Christoffer Regild