Breton Cubes

Title:Breton Cubes
Material:Marble, Pale Pink Hue Onyx, Obelisco Smooth Travertine, Huvafen Onyx,
Choco Swirl Marble, Arctic Henna Marble, Tenebris Radius Marble and Stormy Glacier Marble
Place of Origin:Copenhagen
Production Lead Time:6-8 weeks
Role:Designer in collaboration with

Birgitte Due Madsens’s work in marble involves creating functional and aesthetically pleasing pieces that showcase the natural beauty of the stone. Due Madsen have focused on the unique characteristics of marble and patterns, in order to create pieces that are both visually breathtaking and have a timeless aestetics. The design process involved working closely with skilled artisans from SolidNature who specialize in cutting and shaping marble to create intricate designs and details.

The name ‘Breton’ refers to the iconic navy and white striped shirt, known as the Breton sailor shirt or marinière. The shirt features stripes and was originally a strictly functional piece designed for sailors in the French Navy to make it easier to spot overboard sailors. Each stripe is said to represent one of Napoleon Bonaparte’s victories. In the 1917, Coco Chanel launched the collection ‘The Nautical Collection’ including the Breton shirt, which helped to popularize the garment among the wider public.