Milan Design Week 2021

Title:Milan Design Week 2021

Award-Winning Danish Artist and Designer Birgitte Due Madsen joins forces with SolidNature to design sustainable furniture for Milan Design Week 2021

– SolidNature and Birgitte Due Madsen to showcase a special edition of unique scalable furniture and sculptures – Surplus – at Fuorisalone during Milan Design Week 2021.

– The collaboration is inspired by a shared passion for sustainability and excellence in craftmanship.

– The invitation to participate was extended to Birgitte Due Madsen by the Danish Embassy in Rome, and will be attended by Danish Industries Patron, Her Royal Highness The Crown Princess Mary Elizabeth of Denmark.

Amsterdam | Tuesday 10 August 2021: SolidNature, the boutique natural stone brand for high-end and luxury projects, today announces its partnership with award-winning Danish artist and designer, Birgitte Due Madsen, to produce a series of scalable visionary furniture pieces and sculptures for Fuorisalone, Milan Design Week 2021. Titled Surplus, Birgitte’s designs, made from onyx off-cuts supplied by SolidNature, will be displayed within Rossana Orlandi’s TrashFormation Village, one of the most popular exhibitions at the Milan Design Week – the most important event in the world of design.

The concept of the series, Surplus, is in line with this year’s theme: “Forms of Living”, which considers the future inspiration that will influence the furniture and design sectors. For Birgitte, the inspiration came through the beauty of natural stone off-cuts. Together with SolidNature, Birgitte places sustainability at the heart of this series by designing furniture and sculptures out of surplus material, while promoting the Danish practice of timeless and functional design.

Birgitte’s work is heavily influenced by polychromy, the ancient artistic technique of using multiple colours in a design. For Fuorisalone 2021, Birgitte wished to reimagine her work in natural materials – as opposed to resin – and chose to partner with SolidNature when she came across its renovations that used off-cuts of natural stone to promote sustainability. One of such SolidNature’s inspiring project centred on a striking herringbone style floor, created from 30 different stone off-cuts, all seamlessly working together in the overall design, yet retaining the beauty of each individual stone.

For this year’s Fuorisalone, Birgitte and SolidNature will create a series of polychromatic designs, comprising three furniture pieces and five art sculptures. During a visit to SolidNature’s showroom, Birgitte was introduced to SolidNature’s catalogue of over 600 different stones, and its selection of off-cuts from previous projects, and decided to reimagine the project using stone in place of her usual choice of material, resin. The beauty of onyx and its longevity inspired Birgitte to use off-cuts of this surplus material to create the furniture; and at the same time, inspiring the title of the series (“Surplus”).

To bring her designs to life, Birgitte is working very closely with SolidNature’s skilled craftsmen to identify the most suitable onyx off-cuts to use within the design and production, choosing to customise each design to work with the beauty of the stone and the confines of the shapes and sizes of the off-cuts.

Surplus has been created entirely from SolidNature off-cuts and the specification of each piece (whether furniture or sculpture) has been dictated by the materials available. To mirror Birgitte’s wider body of work, the designs reflect her minimalist and subtle aesthetic, the sharp lines and edges show the strength of the onyx, and the variegated colours link back to her work in polychromy.

As specialists in onyx, SolidNature’s choice to use off-cuts of this natural stone was deliberate. Although the transparency of onyx stones may not be attuned to the audience’s interpretation of what stone should look like, it is the ambitious hope that Birgitte’s design and SolidNature’s choice of material will arouse audiences to think of what other materials could be reused and recycled.

David Mahyari, CEO of SolidNature: “At SolidNature, we believe that sustainability should not be a secondary consideration in design, it must be the driving force. When Birgitte reached out to partner on this fantastic project, we couldn’t resist – we saw this as an opportunity to progress our efforts towards sustainability. It was very clear that we shared the same values of high-quality luxury designs conceptualised within the confines of what nature has given us. Our mission to centre sustainability in design is mirrored in Birgitte’s work and was the root of our partnership. We are so pleased to be part of the Milan Design Week this year, and even more so to be partnering with Birgitte.”

Birgitte Due Madsen, award-winning Artist and Designer: “As an artist, I am hugely inspired by beauty and motivated to create designs that are long-lasting – designs that can be passed from one generation to another, Serendipitously, it’s also what SolidNature and I have in common. This dream collaboration is very special to me because there are many designs made in stone but not many created out of off-cuts. This journey involving the study of colours and the limitation of what’s available as materials has been an eye-opener and hugely inspiring. By partnering with the team at SolidNature, clearly the world leading experts in onyx, we have created a unique line of art that truly represents our shared values. This project is indeed what I will call a labour of love.”

Surplus will be displayed as part of TrashFormation Village, curated by renowned eco-friendly gallerist and curator, Rossana Orlandi, to showcase exclusive designs made ethically using reused, recycled, or upcycled materials. Partnering with Rossana Orlandi, the Danish Embassy in Rome and Danish Industries, under the patronage of HRH The Crown Princess Mary Elizabeth of Denmark, invited Birgitte Due Madsen to showcase her work as part of this year’s Danish envoy. Fuorisalone 2021 is returning to Milan from 4-12 September. Events will be held both virtually and in-person across Milan during the week.